536857-001 531864-001 Compaq CQ71 HP DV7-2000 DV7-3000 G71 Power Jack DC Cable

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OEM Wire Harness AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Replacement Assembly Plug-In for Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-2xxx DV7-3000 DV7-3xxx G71 Series
SKU: B058191
Alt P/N.: 536857-001 531864-001
Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-2xxx DV7-3000 DV7-3xxx G71 Series may use our model B058192, the 6+2 Pin version, please double check the original dc power jack cable in your laptop and add the correct model in your shopping cart.
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Compaq Presario CQ71 Series: CQ71-100 CQ71-100EO CQ71-101XX CQ71-103EF CQ71-103SF CQ71-105EE CQ71-105EF CQ71-105EO CQ71-105SF CQ71-110ED CQ71-110EG CQ71-110EL CQ71-110EO CQ71-110EV CQ71-110SF CQ71-115EF CQ71-115SF CQ71-120ED CQ71-120EF CQ71-120EG CQ71-120EO CQ71-125EO CQ71-128EZ CQ71-130EB CQ71-130ES CQ71-130SA CQ71-135SA CQ71-140EA CQ71-140EB CQ71-140SA CQ71-145EZ CQ71-150EB CQ71-150EK CQ71-150ES CQ71-150EW CQ71-200 CQ71-200SB CQ71-200SO CQ71-203EF CQ71-203EO CQ71-203SF CQ71-205EO CQ71-205SG CQ71-210ED CQ71-210EF CQ71-210EG CQ71-210EI CQ71-210ER CQ71-210SA CQ71-210SF CQ71-210SO CQ71-210SR CQ71-210SV CQ71-212SF CQ71-215ER CQ71-215SF CQ71-220EB CQ71-220EF CQ71-220EG CQ71-220EK CQ71-220EL CQ71-220SO CQ71-220SS CQ71-223EG CQ71-225SO CQ71-229SZ CQ71-230EB CQ71-230ED CQ71-230EG CQ71-230EW CQ71-230SA CQ71-230SO CQ71-235EO CQ71-235SA CQ71-235SO CQ71-240EB CQ71-240SG CQ71-240SS CQ71-245EB CQ71-249EZ CQ71-250EP CQ71-250SB CQ71-250SO CQ71-255EO CQ71-260SO CQ71-300 CQ71-300SB CQ71-300SG CQ71-302ER CQ71-305SA CQ71-305SF CQ71-305SG CQ71-306EI CQ71-306EW CQ71-307SZ CQ71-308EZ CQ71-310EG CQ71-310EM CQ71-310EP CQ71-310ES CQ71-310SB CQ71-310SD CQ71-310SF CQ71-310SG CQ71-310SV CQ71-311SF CQ71-312SA CQ71-314SA CQ71-315ER CQ71-315SF CQ71-317EA CQ71-317SG CQ71-318SO CQ71-319EZ CQ71-320ED CQ71-320EG CQ71-320EM CQ71-320ER CQ71-320SA CQ71-320SB CQ71-320SF CQ71-320SG CQ71-324SO CQ71-325EG CQ71-325SG CQ71-326SO CQ71-327EO CQ71-330EB CQ71-330ED CQ71-330EM CQ71-340EM CQ71-350EK CQ71-350EO CQ71-350SB CQ71-350SG CQ71-355EG CQ71-400 CQ71-401SA CQ71-402SA CQ71-403EO CQ71-403SA CQ71-403SF CQ71-405EF CQ71-405SF CQ71-405SO CQ71-409SZ CQ71-410ED CQ71-410EF CQ71-410EK CQ71-410EM CQ71-410EP CQ71-410EW CQ71-410SF CQ71-410SG CQ71-410SO CQ71-410SS CQ71-411EG CQ71-411EZ CQ71-412EG CQ71-412EO CQ71-412SF CQ71-412SO CQ71-412SZ CQ71-413EO CQ71-413EZ CQ71-413SG CQ71-414SF CQ71-414SZ CQ71-415EG CQ71-415SO CQ71-416EG CQ71-416EO CQ71-417EG CQ71-420ED CQ71-420EG CQ71-420EK CQ71-420EM CQ71-420ER CQ71-420EW CQ71-420SB CQ71-420SF CQ71-420SM CQ71-420SO CQ71-421SG CQ71-425ER CQ71-430EM CQ71-430EP CQ71-430ER CQ71-440EB CQ71-450EV CQ71-450SB CQ71-466SB CQ71-489EZ
    HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-2xxx Series: DV7-2000 DV7-2001ET DV7-2001TX DV7-2001XX DV7-2002TU DV7-2002TX DV7-2003TX DV7-2004TX DV7-2005EG DV7-2005EL DV7-2005EO DV7-2005TX DV7-2006TX DV7-2007TX DV7-2008TX DV7-2009TX DV7-2010EB DV7-2010EG DV7-2010EO DV7-2010ES DV7-2010EV DV7-2010TX DV7-2011EG DV7-2011TX DV7-2012TX DV7-2013TX DV7-2014TX DV7-2015EF DV7-2015EG DV7-2015EO DV7-2015ES DV7-2015TX DV7-2016EG DV7-2016TX DV7-2017EG DV7-2018TX DV7-2019CA DV7-2019TX DV7-2020EB DV7-2020EF DV7-2020EK DV7-2020EO DV7-2020ES DV7-2020EV DV7-2020TX DV7-2021TX DV7-2022EG DV7-2022TX DV7-2023EG DV7-2025EF DV7-2025EG DV7-2025EO DV7-2025ES DV7-2027EO DV7-2030EA DV7-2030EB DV7-2030EF DV7-2030EO DV7-2030ER DV7-2030ES DV7-2030EV DV7-2030SF DV7-2033EF DV7-2033EG DV7-2033SF DV7-2034EG DV7-2035EF DV7-2035EG DV7-2035EO DV7-2035ES DV7-2035EZ DV7-2036EG DV7-2037EF DV7-2037EG DV7-2037EZ DV7-2040CA DV7-2040EB DV7-2040ED DV7-2040EF DV7-2040EK DV7-2040EO DV7-2040SF DV7-2040US DV7-2043CL DV7-2044CA DV7-2045EA DV7-2045EG DV7-2045EO DV7-2045EZ DV7-2046EG DV7-2050EA DV7-2050ED DV7-2050EF DV7-2050EI DV7-2050EO DV7-2050ES DV7-2050EV DV7-2051ET DV7-2055EG DV7-2055EO DV7-2055EW DV7-2055EZ DV7-2057EO DV7-2058EO DV7-2060ED DV7-2060EF DV7-2060EG DV7-2060EN DV7-2060EO DV7-2060EZ DV7-2065EF DV7-2065EG DV7-2065EO DV7-2070EA DV7-2070ED DV7-2070EF DV7-2070EG DV7-2070EO DV7-2070EW DV7-2075EG DV7-2075EO DV7-2078CA DV7-2080EB DV7-2080EC DV7-2080ED DV7-2080EG DV7-2080EL DV7-2080EN DV7-2080EO DV7-2080EP DV7-2080ES DV7-2080EV DV7-2080EW DV7-2085EL DV7-2085EO DV7-2088EZ DV7-2090EC DV7-2090EG DV7-2090EH DV7-2090EL DV7-2090EO DV7-2090EQ DV7-2092EO DV7-2100 DV7-2100EG DV7-2101TX DV7-2102TX DV7-2103TX DV7-2104TX DV7-2105EZ DV7-2105TX DV7-2107TX DV7-2108TX DV7-2109TX DV7-2110EB DV7-2110EG DV7-2110ER DV7-2110EV DV7-2110SA DV7-2110SF DV7-2110SO DV7-2110SS DV7-2110TX DV7-2111EO DV7-2111ER DV7-2111TX DV7-2111US DV7-2112EG DV7-2112EO DV7-2112TX DV7-2113EO DV7-2113SF DV7-2114EO DV7-2114ES DV7-2114TX DV7-2115EG DV7-2115EO DV7-2115ES DV7-2115SF DV7-2116ES DV7-2117SF DV7-2117TX DV7-2118SF DV7-2118TX DV7-2120ED DV7-2120EF DV7-2120EG DV7-2120ER DV7-2120EV DV7-2120SA DV7-2120SB DV7-2120SF DV7-2120SN DV7-2120SO DV7-2120SS DV7-2120TX DV7-2121EO DV7-2121TX DV7-2122EO DV7-2122TX DV7-2123EO DV7-2123TX DV7-2124EO DV7-2124EZ DV7-2124TX DV7-2125EG DV7-2125EO DV7-2125SF DV7-2125TX DV7-2126EO DV7-2126EZ DV7-2126TX DV7-2127EO DV7-2127EZ DV7-2127SF DV7-2128EO DV7-2128TX DV7-2129EO DV7-2130EG DV7-2130EO DV7-2130ER DV7-2130EV DV7-2130SB DV7-2130SF DV7-2133EG DV7-2133EO DV7-2133ET DV7-2135EB DV7-2135EO DV7-2135SF DV7-2138EF DV7-2138SF DV7-2140EB DV7-2140ED DV7-2140EG DV7-2140EO DV7-2140EV DV7-2140SF DV7-2141EO DV7-2142EG DV7-2143SG DV7-2145EF DV7-2145EG DV7-2150EB DV7-2150EG DV7-2150EI DV7-2150EK DV7-2150EP DV7-2150ES DV7-2150EZ DV7-2155EG DV7-2155EW DV7-2157CA DV7-2160EB DV7-2160ED DV7-2160EF DV7-2160EG DV7-2160EP DV7-2165EF DV7-2165SG DV7-2170EB DV7-2170ED DV7-2170EF DV7-2170EG DV7-2170EK DV7-2170EL DV7-2170ES DV7-2170US DV7-2173CA DV7-2173CL DV7-2174CA DV7-2175EG DV7-2177CL DV7-2180EB DV7-2180EC DV7-2180ED DV7-2180EG DV7-2180EL DV7-2180ES DV7-2180EW DV7-2180US DV7-2185DX DV7-2185EB DV7-2190EB DV7-2190EC DV7-2190EF DV7-2190EL DV7-2190EN DV7-2190EQ DV7-2195EO DV7-2198EO DV7-2200 DV7-2200EB DV7-2201TX DV7-2202TX DV7-2204TX DV7-2205EB DV7-2206TX DV7-2210EG DV7-2210EH DV7-2210ET DV7-2210EV DV7-2210SB DV7-2210TX DV7-2211TX DV7-2212EF DV7-2212EG DV7-2212SF DV7-2212TX DV7-2213TX DV7-2215EB DV7-2215EG DV7-2215EL DV7-2215SA DV7-2215SF DV7-2220EB DV7-2220EC DV7-2220EF DV7-2220EG DV7-2220EL DV7-2220EN DV7-2220EP DV7-2220EQ DV7-2220EV DV7-2220SF DV7-2220SS DV7-2221EZ DV7-2225EF DV7-2225SF DV7-2225SG DV7-2225SS DV7-2226SS DV7-2227SF DV7-2230EA DV7-2230EB DV7-2230EG DV7-2230EK DV7-2230EN DV7-2230ES DV7-2230EV DV7-2230SA DV7-2230SF DV7-2232ES DV7-2235EB DV7-2235ES DV7-2237EZ DV7-2238SF DV7-2240EB DV7-2240EF DV7-2240ES DV7-2250EB DV7-2250ED DV7-2250EI DV7-2250EM DV7-2250ER DV7-2250EZ DV7-2250SF DV7-2251TX DV7-2255ER DV7-2255SF DV7-2260ED DV7-2260EF DV7-2260ER DV7-2270EF DV7-2270EO DV7-2270ER DV7-2270US DV7-2273CA DV7-2273CL DV7-2275EO DV7-2277CL DV7-2278CA DV7-2280EF DV7-2280EO DV7-2281EO DV7-2282EO DV7-2285EO DV7-2290EO DV7-2301NR DV7T-2000 CTO DV7T-2200
    HP Pavilion DV7-3000 DV7-3xxx Series: DV7-3000 DV7-3000EB DV7-3000SL DV7-3001TX DV7-3001XX DV7-3002TX DV7-3003EL DV7-3003TX DV7-3004EB DV7-3004EL DV7-3004TX DV7-3005EB DV7-3005EG DV7-3005EW DV7-3005SF DV7-3006TX DV7-3007EL DV7-3007SG DV7-3007TX DV7-3008TX DV7-3010EB DV7-3010EG DV7-3010EN DV7-3010ER DV7-3010EW DV7-3010SF DV7-3010SG DV7-3010SO DV7-3010SS DV7-3011EO DV7-3012EO DV7-3013EO DV7-3014EO DV7-3015EG DV7-3015EO DV7-3015EW DV7-3015SF DV7-3016EO DV7-3017EZ DV7-3017SO DV7-3020EA DV7-3020EB DV7-3020ED DV7-3020EG DV7-3020EL DV7-3020EN DV7-3020ES DV7-3020ET DV7-3020EW DV7-3020SA DV7-3021EA DV7-3021EO DV7-3024CA DV7-3025SF DV7-3025SS DV7-3028CA DV7-3030EB DV7-3030ED DV7-3030EG DV7-3030EO DV7-3030EW DV7-3030SF DV7-3036EZ DV7-3039EZ DV7-3040EV DV7-3048CA DV7-3050EB DV7-3050EC DV7-3050EG DV7-3050ER DV7-3051XX DV7-3056EZ DV7-3057NR DV7-3060CA DV7-3060EO DV7-3060SB DV7-3060US DV7-3061NR DV7-3063CL DV7-3065DX DV7-3067CL DV7-3067NR DV7-3069WM DV7-3070EB DV7-3070EZ DV7-3074CA DV7-3078NR DV7-3079NR DV7-3079WM DV7-3080CA DV7-3080ED DV7-3080EF DV7-3080EG DV7-3080US DV7-3085DX DV7-3089NR DV7-3090EB DV7-3090ED DV7-3090EG DV7-3090EO DV7-3090EP DV7-3090ER DV7-3090ES DV7-3098CA DV7-3099SB DV7-3100 DV7-3100EB DV7-3101EA DV7-3101SA DV7-3101TX DV7-3105EA DV7-3105sw DV7-3105sz DV7-3105TX DV7-3107TX DV7-3108TX DV7-3109TX DV7-3110EA DV7-3110EF DV7-3110EG DV7-3110ER DV7-3110ES DV7-3110EV DV7-3110SF DV7-3110SG DV7-3110SS DV7-3110sv DV7-3110sw DV7-3110TX DV7-3111EA DV7-3111SO DV7-3112EA DV7-3112EO DV7-3112SA DV7-3112TX DV7-3113EO DV7-3113TX DV7-3114EO DV7-3114TX DV7-3115EO DV7-3115EW DV7-3115TX DV7-3116EO DV7-3116TX DV7-3117EO DV7-3118EF DV7-3118SO DV7-3118TX DV7-3119EF DV7-3119EZ DV7-3120ED DV7-3120EG DV7-3120EO DV7-3120ES DV7-3120EV DV7-3120EW DV7-3120SF DV7-3120TX DV7-3121SO DV7-3122EO DV7-3124EO DV7-3125EF DV7-3125EG DV7-3125EL DV7-3125EO DV7-3125SF DV7-3125SG DV7-3126EG DV7-3126EO DV7-3126EZ DV7-3126TX DV7-3127EG DV7-3127TX DV7-3128CA DV7-3128EG DV7-3129ER DV7-3130ED DV7-3130EG DV7-3130EO DV7-3130EW DV7-3130SB DV7-3131EZ DV7-3133EL DV7-3133ER DV7-3133EZ DV7-3134EZ DV7-3135EG DV7-3135EO DV7-3135ER DV7-3136EZ DV7-3140EB DV7-3140ED DV7-3140EF DV7-3140EG DV7-3140EL DV7-3140ER DV7-3140ES DV7-3140SF DV7-3145EF DV7-3145ER DV7-3145SF DV7-3145sr DV7-3148CA DV7-3150EB DV7-3150ED DV7-3150EI DV7-3150EK DV7-3150EL DV7-3150EP DV7-3150EQ DV7-3150EZ DV7-3150SG DV7-3152CA DV7-3153CA DV7-3155EB DV7-3155EF DV7-3155EL DV7-3157CA DV7-3160EB DV7-3160EC DV7-3160ED DV7-3160EH DV7-3160EL DV7-3160EM DV7-3160EP DV7-3160ES DV7-3160US DV7-3162NR DV7-3163CL DV7-3163EF DV7-3164CL DV7-3165DX DV7-3165EB DV7-3165EF DV7-3165EL DV7-3165EV DV7-3166EB DV7-3166NR DV7-3167NR DV7-3169WM DV7-3170CA DV7-3170EB DV7-3170EG DV7-3170EL DV7-3170EM DV7-3170EO DV7-3170EP DV7-3170ES DV7-3170EY DV7-3170EZ DV7-3171NR DV7-3173CA DV7-3173NR DV7-3174CA DV7-3174NR DV7-3175EV DV7-3178CA DV7-3180EF DV7-3180ES DV7-3180EY DV7-3180SG DV7-3180US DV7-3183CL DV7-3183NR DV7-3186CL DV7-3187CL DV7-3188CL DV7-3190EC DV7-3190ED DV7-3190EG DV7-3190EI DV7-3190EM DV7-3190EO DV7-3190ES DV7-3190EV DV7-3190EY DV7-3197EO DV7-3198EO DV7-3199EO DV7-3199SB
    HP G71 Series: G71-300 G71-329WM G71-333CA G71-333NR G71-339CA G71-340US G71-343US G71-345CL G71-347CL G71-351CA G71-358NR G71-400 G71-430CA G71-437CA G71-441NR G71-442NR G71-445US G71-447US G71-448CL G71-449WM G71T-300CTO G71T-400 CTO
Genuine OEM Original Power Jack DC IN Cable
 DC Power Jack In Cable
 Overall Length Approx 23cm
 6-Wire, 6-Pin White Connector
 Plug In
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different Power Charging Socket DC IN Cable for Compaq Presario CQ71 HP Pavilion DV7-2000 DV7-2xxx DV7-3000 DV7-3xxx G71 Series. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.


  • Model: B058191
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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).