A002002 Compaq HP Clevo Dell Toshiba DC Power Jack Connector Charging Port 2.5mm

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NEW AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Repair Replacement for Compaq HP Clevo Dell Toshiba
SKU: A002002
High Quality DC Power Jack
 2.5mm Central Pin
 DC Power Jack Only
 Soldering Job is Required
Item Status: NEW, High Quality
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Compaq Armada 1100 1120 1120T 1125 1130 1130T 1135 4110 4115 4110D 4120 4120T 4125T 4130T 4131T 4150 4150T 4160T 4200 4210 4210T 4220 4220T
    Compaq EVO N115 N160
    Compaq Presario 700US 700xx 700Z 705US 709EA 710CA 710TC 710US 711AU 711CL 711EA 711LA 712EA 712LA 713EA 715CA 715EA 717RSH 720AU 720CA 720JP 720LA 720TC 721CL 722EA 722US 723EA 723RSH 725AU 725CA 725EA 725LA 725US 726EA 730AP 730US 735CA 1200SC 1200T 1200TH 1200xx 1200Z 1201T 1210 1210US 1211 1212 1214 1215US 1219JP 12XL 12XL201 12XL202 12XL203 12XL204 12XL205 12XL206 12XL211 12XL212 12XL212 12XL220 12XL222 12XL223 12XL3 12XL300 12XL300A 12XL300B 12XL301 12XL302 12XL303 12XL304 12XL305 12XL307 12XL310 12XL311 12XL312 12XL314 12XL320 12XL323 12XL325 12XL326 12XL327 12XL330 12XL402 12XL403 12XL411 12XL412 12XL414 12XL416 12XL421 12XL426 12XL427 12XL428 12XL430 12XL500 12XL501 12XL502 12XL504 12XL505 12XL509 12XL510 12XL512 12XL513 12XL515 12XL517 12XL519 12XL520 12XL521 12XL526 12XL527 12XL530 12XL531 14XL 14XL240 14XL241 14XL242 14XL340 14XL341 14XL342 14XL343 14XL344 14XL345 14XL346 14XL350 14XL352 14XL355 14XL356 14XL420 14XL440 14XL442 14XL443 14XL444 14XL445 14XL446 14XL452 14XL453 14XL455 1600 1600T 1650 1655 1600XL 1600XL1 16XL 16XL140 16XL141 16XL142 16XL143 16XL144 16XL145 16XL146 16XL147 16XL150 16XL255 16XL256 16XL257 16XL258 1700 1700T 1701S 1702TC 1710T 1720CA 1720US 1722US 17XL 17XL260 17XL261 17XL262 17XL264 17XL265 17XL266 17XL274 17XL275 17XL360 17XL361 17XL362 17XL364 17XL365 17XL366 17XL367 17XL368 17XL369 17XL370 17XL371 17XL372 17XL374 17XL375 17XL376 17XL378 17XL379 17XL380 17XL460 17XL461 17XL462 17XL463 17XL464 17XL465 17XL466 17XL467 17XL468 17XL469 17XL470 17XL471 17XL473 17XL474 17XL475 17XL476 17XL477 17XL480 17XL482 17XL488 17XL490 17XL492 17XL562 17XL563 17XL564 17XL565 17XL566 17XL567 17XL568 17XL569 17XL570 17XL571 17XL572 17XL573 17XL574 17XL575 17XL576 17XL577 17XL578 17XL579 17XL580 1800 1800T 1805 1825 1827 1830 18XL 1800xx 1800XL1 18XL180 18XL181 18XL182 18XL183 18XL185 18XL186 18XL280 18XL281 18XL481 18XL482 18XL483 18XL484 18XL485 18XL580 18XL581 18XL583 18XL584 18XL585 18XL586 18XL590
    HP Omnibook XE3 Series
    HP Pavilion N5000 N5125 N5135 N5140 N5150 N5170 N5190 N5195 N5210 N5221 N5240 N5241 N5250 N5261 N5270 N5271 N5290 N5295 N5310 N5311 N5331 N5340 N5341 N5350 N5351 N5361 N5371 N5381 N5390 N5401 N5430 N5440 N5441 N5444 N5450 N5451 N5461 N5470 N5474 N5481 N5490 N5491
    Clevo 220 TS30i 2200T 2700C
    Dell Inspiron 3000 3200 3500 7000
    Dell Latitude 433M 433MC 433MCX 450MC 450MCX 475C 475D 475MC LX4100 LX4100D LX4100T
    Dell Smart Step 200 250
    Toshiba Satellite 1605CDS 1625CDT 1675CDS 1695CDT 1715XCDS 1730 1730-S101 1735-S101 1750-S202 1755-S202


  • Model: A002002
  • Shipping Weight: 15g
  • 10000 Units in Stock

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