Asus K73 K73BE/BR K73BY K73E K73SD K73SJ K73SM K73SV K73TA K73TK DC Power Jack

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OEM AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Repair Replacement for Asus K73 K73BE K73BR K73BY K73E K73SD K73SJ K73SM K73SV K73TA K73TK Series
SKU: A042001
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Asus K73BE Series: K73BE K73BE-xxxx K73BE-TY010H K73BE-TY014H K73BE-TY023H K73BE-0021BE21800
    Asus K73BR Series: K73BR K73BR-xxxx K73BR-TY001 K73BR-TY001V K73BR-TY003 K73BR-TY006V K73BR-TY008 K73BR-TY013 K73BR-TY027V K73BR-TY031V K73BR-TY041V K73BR-TY044 K73BR-TY042 K73BR-TY048 K73BR-TY048V K73BR-TY062V K73BR-021BE450
    Asus K73BY Series: K73BY K73BY-xxxx K73BY-ME1 K73BY-TY003V K73BY-TY007V K73BY-TY008 K73BY-TY010V K73BY-TY033 K73BY-TY038V K73BY-TY053V K73BY-TY055V K73BY-TY062V K73BY-TY077V K73BY-TY096V K73BY-TY108V K73BY-V1G K73BY-021AE350
    Asus K73E Series: K73E K73E-xxxx K73E-A1 K73E-B1 K73E-BBR7 K73E-1BTY K73E-DH31 K73E-DS31 K73E-TY022V K73E-TY028V K73E-TY029D K73E-TY029V K73E-TY034D K73E-TY034R K73E-TY034V K73E-TY034X K73E-TY038D K73E-TY040V K73E-TY042V K73E-TY054 K73E-TY054V K73E-TY060D K73E-TY060V K73E-TY060X K73E-TY061 K73E-TY061V K73E-TY071V K73E-TY072V K73E-TY073V K73E-TY076V K73E-TY079V K73E-TY080V K73E-TY082V K73E-TY083V K73E-TY089V K73E-TY096V K73E-TY098X K73E-TY105V K73E-TY113V K73E-TY122V K73E-TY128V K73E-TY131V K73E-TY147V K73E-TY151D K73E-TY179V K73E-TY181V K73E-TY182V K73E-TY185V K73E-TY186V K73E-TY189V K73E-TY190V K73E-TY194D K73E-TY194R K73E-TY202V K73E-TY205 K73E-TY209V K73E-TY210V K73E-TY211V K73E-TY213V K73E-TY214V K73E-TY216V K73E-TY239V K73E-TY242V K73E-TY247V K73E-TY252V K73E-TY253V K73E-TY254V K73E-TY255V K73E-TY256V K73E-TY265V K73E-TY279D K73E-TY300V K73E-TY301V K73E-TY303D K73E-TY303V K73E-TY324V K73E-TY325V K73E-TY326V K73E-TY330V K73E-TY335V K73E-TY383V K73E-TY433D for Motherboard 69N0KPM11D04 60-N3YMB1100
    Asus K73SD Series: K73SD K73SD-xxxx K73SD-DS51 K73SD-TY021 K73SD-TY040V K73SD-TY041 K73SD-TY041D K73SD-TY042V K73SD-TY046D K73SD-TY047D K73SD-TY047V K73SD-TY048V K73SD-TY048X K73SD-TY049V K73SD-TY056 K73SD-TY057 K73SD-TY057V K73SD-TY065V K73SD-TY066V K73SD-TY067V K73SD-TY067X K73SD-TY073V K73SD-TY073X K73SD-TY074V K73SD-TY081 K73SD-TY081V K73SD-TY087 K73SD-TY087V K73SD-TY091V K73SD-TY092 K73SD-TY092V K73SD-TY093 K73SD-TY105V K73SD-TY107V K73SD-TY109D K73SD-TY109DM K73SD-TY157V K73SD-TY162V K73SD-TY163 K73SD-TY163V K73SD-TY164V K73SD-TY165V K73SD-TY168V K73SD-TY171D K73SD-TY181V K73SD-TY185 K73SD-TY185V K73SD-TY189V K73SD-TY191 K73SD-TY195V K73SD-TY198 K73SD-TY205V K73SD-TY206V K73SD-TY207V K73SD-TY270 K73SD-TY276V K73SD-TY282V K73SD-TY286V K73SD-TY288V K73SD-TY300R K73SD-1BTY
    Asus K73SJ Series: K73SJ K73SJ-xxxx K73SJ-TY009 K73SJ-TY017V K73SJ-TY020V K73SJ-TY021V K73SJ-TY028V K73SJ-TY029V K73SJ-TY030V K73SJ-TY031 K73SJ-TY031V K73SJ-TY032V K73SJ-TY033V K73SJ-TY072V
    Asus K73SM Series: K73SM K73SM-xxxx K73SM-TY008V K73SM-TY018D K73SM-TY021 K73SM-TY024 K73SM-TY026 K73SM-TY026V K73SM-TY028 K73SM-TY031V K73SM-TY041V K73SM-TY043V K73SM-TY044V K73SM-TY048V K73SM-TY049V K73SM-TY053D K73SM-TY054V K73SM-TY055V K73SM-TY080V K73SM-TY2670
    Asus K73SV Series: K73SV K73SV-xxxx K73SV-A1 K73SV-A2 K73SV-CCT1 K73SV-DH51 K73SV-TY017V K73SV-TY020V K73SV-TY021V K73SV-TY022V K73SV-TY024V K73SV-TY025V K73SV-TY026V K73SV-TY032 K73SV-TY032S8 K73SV-TY032V K73SV-TY033V K73SV-TY035D K73SV-TY036 K73SV-TY036R K73SV-TY036V K73SV-TY037 K73SV-TY037V K73SV-TY040V K73SV-TY053V K73SV-TY056V K73SV-TY057V K73SV-TY058 K73SV-TY058V K73SV-TY059V K73SV-TY060D K73SV-TY060V K73SV-TY060X K73SV-TY061V K73SV-TY061X K73SV-TY062V K73SV-TY062X K73SV-TY064 K73SV-TY065 K73SV-TY070V K73SV-TY071V K73SV-TY072 K73SV-TY072V K73SV-TY077V K73SV-TY079 K73SV-TY079V K73SV-TY080V K73SV-TY081V K73SV-TY082V K73SV-TY083V K73SV-TY090V K73SV-TY103V K73SV-TY105V K73SV-TY106X K73SV-TY118V K73SV-TY119V K73SV-TY126V K73SV-TY127V K73SV-TY128V K73SV-TY130V K73SV-TY136D K73SV-TY137V K73SV-TY139V K73SV-TY140V K73SV-TY142 K73SV-TY142V K73SV-TY145D K73SV-TY147V K73SV-TY148 K73SV-TY150 K73SV-TY152V K73SV-TY155V K73SV-TY165V K73SV-TY166 K73SV-TY171V K73SV-TY177 K73SV-TY179V K73SV-TY180 K73SV-TY180V K73SV-TY181 K73SV-TY197 K73SV-TY200V K73SV-TY201V K73SV-TY202V K73SV-TY203V K73SV-TY211 K73SV-TY211V K73SV-TY212 K73SV-TY212V K73SV-TY213V K73SV-TY214V K73SV-TY215V K73SV-TY219V K73SV-TY223V K73SV-TY230V K73SV-TY233V K73SV-TY234 K73SV-TY247 K73SV-TY248 K73SV-TY249 K73SV-TY250 K73SV-TY250V K73SV-TY251 K73SV-TY251V K73SV-TY252V K73SV-TY253 K73SV-TY253V K73SV-TY273V K73SV-TY277 K73SV-TY277D K73SV-TY277V K73SV-TY285V K73SV-TY291V K73SV-TY299V K73SV-TY300V K73SV-TY314V K73SV-TY317V K73SV-TY319 K73SV-TY319V K73SV-TY320V K73SV-TY324 K73SV-TY324D K73SV-TY324R K73SV-TY324V K73SV-TY325D K73SV-TY329V K73SV-TY329X K73SV-TY330V K73SV-TY330X K73SV-TY331V K73SV-TY331X K73SV-TY332V K73SV-TY335 K73SV-TY335V K73SV-TY337D K73SV-TY337V K73SV-TY339 K73SV-TY339D K73SV-TY339V K73SV-TY339VS8 K73SV-TY347 K73SV-TY348 K73SV-TY355 K73SV-TY355V K73SV-TY357V K73SV-TY360V K73SV-TY364 K73SV-TY365V K73SV-TY369D K73SV-TY369V K73SV-TY374D K73SV-TY376V K73SV-TY377D K73SV-TY379V K73SV-TY381V K73SV-TY382V K73SV-TY383V K73SV-TY385V K73SV-TY393V K73SV-TY395V K73SV-TY408V K73SV-TY413 K73SV-TY413V K73SV-TY426D K73SV-TY426V K73SV-TY428V K73SV-TY441 K73SV-TY442V K73SV-TY447V K73SV-TY448V K73SV-TY454V K73SV-TY455D K73SV-TY448V K73SV-TY461 K73SV-TY462 K73SV-TY464D K73SV-TY465D K73SV-TY468D K73SV-TY469D K73SV-TY469DM K73SV-TY469DMM K73SV-TY470D K73SV-TY470DM K73SV-TY482V K73SV-TY486D K73SV-TY496 K73SV-TY496V K73SV-TY510 K73SV-TY532 K73SV-TY542 K73SV-TY556V K73SV-TY558D K73SV-TY575D for Motherboard 60-N5HMB2100-D02
    Asus K73TA Series: K73TA K73TA-xxxx K73TA-TY010 K73TA-TY014V K73TA-TY015V K73TA-TY017 K73TA-TY017V K73TA-TY022 K73TA-TY022D K73TA-TY022V K73TA-TY023 K73TA-TY024 K73TA-TY027V K73TA-TY029R K73TA-TY029V K73TA-TY039V K73TA-TY040V K73TA-TY043D K73TA-TY044V K73TA-TY050 K73TA-TY058D K73TA-TY058V K73TA-TY063V K73TA-TY077D K73TA-TY079 K73TA-TY089V K73TA-TY093D K73TA-90N70C238W2784VD13AC
    Asus K73TK Series: K73TK K73TK-xxxx K73TK-TY004D K73TK-TY005V K73TK-TY006V K73TK-TY009V K73TK-TY010D K73TK-TY015R K73TK-TY027V K73TK-TY028V K73TK-TY039V K73TK-TY040D K73TK-TY043D K73TK-TY048V K73TK-TY049V K73TK-TY052V K73TK-TY053D K73TK-TY059V K73TK-V1G K73TK-90NBUC318W1422RD13AC
Genuine OEM Original DC Power Jack
 2.5mm Pin DC Power Jack
 DC Power Jack Only
 Soldering Job is Required
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.


  • Model: A042001
  • Shipping Weight: 15g
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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).