350714L00-600-G Compaq CQ57 HP 2000 Power Jack Charging Port DC IN Cable

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OEM Wire Harness AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Replacement Assembly Plug-In for Compaq Presario CQ57 HP 2000 Series
SKU: B058241
Alt P/N.: 350714L00-600-G
HP 2000 may also use our model B058291, please double check the original dc power jack cable in your laptop and add the correct model in your shopping cart.
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Compaq Presario CQ57 Series: CQ57 CQ57-100 CQ57-101TU CQ57-101TX CQ57-102TU CQ57-103TU CQ57-104TU CQ57-105TU CQ57-106TU CQ57-108TU CQ57-109TU CQ57-110TU CQ57-111SA CQ57-111TU CQ57-112TU CQ57-113TU CQ57-200 CQ57-200EI CQ57-200EK CQ57-200EV CQ57-200SA CQ57-200SI CQ57-200SK CQ57-200SM CQ57-200SS CQ57-200ST CQ57-200SV CQ57-200TU CQ57-201ER CQ57-201SL CQ57-201SO CQ57-201SS CQ57-201SY CQ57-201TU CQ57-202EI CQ57-202ER CQ57-202ES CQ57-202EZ CQ57-202SG CQ57-202SI CQ57-202SS CQ57-203ER CQ57-203SA CQ57-204ER CQ57-204SH CQ57-205SB CQ57-205SD CQ57-205SO CQ57-205SR CQ57-205SW CQ57-205TU CQ57-206SG CQ57-206TU CQ57-207SO CQ57-207TU CQ57-208SO CQ57-210SC CQ57-210SD CQ57-210SG CQ57-210SW CQ57-210SX CQ57-210US CQ57-212NR CQ57-212SQ CQ57-214NR CQ57-215EI CQ57-215SI CQ57-215SM CQ57-218NR CQ57-218SQ CQ57-220EB CQ57-220EE CQ57-220SB CQ57-220SC CQ57-220SE CQ57-225SA CQ57-225SR CQ57-229WM CQ57-230SB CQ57-230SF CQ57-230SX CQ57-231SF CQ57-232EF CQ57-232SF CQ57-233SF CQ57-235SF CQ57-241SG CQ57-250ER CQ57-250ET CQ57-250SM CQ57-250ST CQ57-250SV CQ57-252ER CQ57-252SA CQ57-253SA CQ57-256SA CQ57-260EP CQ57-275ER CQ57-280ST CQ57-285SG CQ57-290ST CQ57-300 CQ57-300SG CQ57-300TU CQ57-301EC CQ57-301EH CQ57-301EO CQ57-301ES CQ57-301EW CQ57-301EZ CQ57-301SA CQ57-301SD CQ57-301SF CQ57-301SO CQ57-301SS CQ57-301SV CQ57-301TU CQ57-302SA CQ57-302SL CQ57-302SP CQ57-302SS CQ57-302SV CQ57-303EV CQ57-303SA CQ57-303SG CQ57-303SL CQ57-303SO CQ57-303SS CQ57-303SW CQ57-303TU CQ57-304EZ CQ57-304SA CQ57-304SC CQ57-304SD CQ57-304SL CQ57-304SP CQ57-305EZ CQ57-305SB CQ57-305SF CQ57-305SL CQ57-307TU CQ57-308TU CQ57-310SD CQ57-310TU CQ57-310US CQ57-311SF CQ57-311SO CQ57-311SS CQ57-311TU CQ57-312SA CQ57-312TU CQ57-313SC CQ57-313SD CQ57-313SF CQ57-313SS CQ57-313SW CQ57-313SZ CQ57-313TU CQ57-314NR CQ57-315NR CQ57-318SO CQ57-319WM CQ57-320SG CQ57-321SG CQ57-356EA CQ57-356SA CQ57-364EA CQ57-364SA CQ57-366SA CQ57-366SD CQ57-368SB CQ57-368SF CQ57-368SO CQ57-368SZ CQ57-370SG CQ57-371EI CQ57-371EK CQ57-371ER CQ57-371SA CQ57-371SI CQ57-371SK CQ57-371SR CQ57-371ST CQ57-371SV CQ57-372EM CQ57-372ER CQ57-372SM CQ57-372SQ CQ57-372SR CQ57-372ST CQ57-372SX CQ57-374ER CQ57-374ST CQ57-375EM CQ57-375ER CQ57-375SM CQ57-375SQ CQ57-375SR CQ57-375ST CQ57-375SX CQ57-376ER CQ57-377ER CQ57-377SI CQ57-377SR CQ57-380EI CQ57-380ER CQ57-380SI CQ57-380SK CQ57-381EM CQ57-381ER CQ57-381EU CQ57-381SM CQ57-381SR CQ57-381SU CQ57-382SQ CQ57-382SR CQ57-383EK CQ57-383ER CQ57-383EU CQ57-383SK CQ57-383SQ CQ57-383SR CQ57-383SU CQ57-393SG CQ57-399ER CQ57-399SD CQ57-400ER CQ57-400SO CQ57-400SS CQ57-405SS CQ57-405SX CQ57-406TU CQ57-408TU CQ57-420SY CQ57-451SW CQ57-470ST CQ57-489WM CQ57-499SV CQ57Z-100
    HP 2000 Series: 2000-2A01XX 2000-2A09CA 2000-2A10NR 2000-2A12HE 2000-2A20CA 2000-2A20NR 2000-2A21HE 2000-2A22NR 2000-2A23NR 2000-2A24NR 2000-2A28CA 2000-2A28DX 2000-2A51XX 2000-2A53CA 2000-2A59CA 2000-2B09CA 2000-2B09WM 2000-2B10CA 2000-2B10NR 2000-2B11CA 2000-2B16NR 2000-2B19WM 2000-2B20CA 2000-2B20NR 2000-2B22DX 2000-2B24NR 2000-2B27NR 2000-2B28CA 2000-2B29CA 2000-2B29NR 2000-2B29WM 2000-2B30DX 2000-2B35NR 2000-2B43DX 2000-2B44DX 2000-2B49CA 2000-2B49WM 2000-2B53CA 2000-2B59WM 2000-2B80DX 2000-2B89WM 2000-2C07CA 2000-2C10DX 2000-2C1ONR 2000-2C11NR 2000-2C12NR 2000-2C17CL 2000-2C20CA 2000-2C20DX 2000-2C20NR 2000-2C22DX 2000-2C22NR 2000-2C23DX 2000-2C25DX 2000-2C27CL 2000-2C29NR 2000-2C29WM 2000-2C32NR 2000-2C34NR 2000-2C40CA 2000-2C6CA 2000-2C61NR 2000-2C62NR 2000-2D01SQ 2000-2D01SV 2000-2D01TU 2000-2D02SI 2000-2D02SQ 2000-2D02SV 2000-2D02SW 2000-2D03SH 2000-2D03SIA 2000-2D03SM 2000-2D03SQ 2000-2D03TU 2000-2D04EE 2000-2D04SW 2000-2D04SIA 2000-2D04TU 2000-2D05EE 2000-2D05EIA 2000-2D05EM 2000-2D05SIA 2000-2D05SE 2000-2D05TU 2000-2D06SE 2000-2D06SIA 2000-2D07CA 2000-2D07SE 2000-2D07SIA 2000-2D08SE 2000-2D08TU 2000-2D09WM 2000-2D10NR 2000-2D11DX 2000-2D12TU 2000-2D13CA 2000-2D13TU 2000-2D16TU 2000-2D17SX 2000-2D18TU 2000-2D19WM 2000-2D20NR 2000-2D22DX 2000-2D2TU 2000-2D24DX 2000-2D24TU 2000-2D26TU 2000-2D27CL 2000-2D27DX 2000-2D28TU 2000-2D29DX 2000-2D29WM 2000-2D30TU 2000-2D32TU 2000-2D34TU 2000-2D36TU 2000-2D37TU 2000-2D39WM 2000-2D41TU 2000-2D43TU 2000-2D47TU 2000-2D49TU 2000-2D49WM 2000-2D50SM 2000-2D50TU 2000-2D51SM 2000-2D51SV 2000-2D51TU 2000-2D52SV 2000-2D53TU 2000-2D54TU 2000-2D56SR 2000-2D58TU 2000-2D59TU 2000-2D60NR 2000-2D61TU 2000-2D62NR 2000-2D63TU 2000-2D64NR 2000-2D65NR 2000-2D68NR 2000-2D69NR 2000-2D70NR 2000-2D78SR 2000-2D80SR 2000-2D80NR 2000-2D99NR 2000-2D99WM 2000-21OUS 2000-21TU 2000-35OUS 2000-36NR 2000-39WM 2000-41OUS 2000-49TU 2000-69WM 2000-100 2000-101TU 2000-101XX 2000-102TU 2000-103TU 2000-104CA 2000-120CA 2000-129CA 2000-130CA 2000-140CA 2000-150CA 2000-151CA 2000-200 2000-208CA 2000-210US 2000-211HE 2000-216NR 2000-217NR 2000-219DX 2000-224CA 2000-227CL 2000-228CA 2000-239DX 2000-239WM 2000-240CA 2000-250CA 2000-299WM 2000-300 2000-300CA 2000-314NR 2000-320CA 2000-329WM 2000-340CA 2000-350US 2000-351NR 2000-352NR 2000-353NR 2000-354NR 2000-355DX 2000-356US 2000-358NR 2000-361NR 2000-363NR 2000-365DX 2000-369WM 2000-369NR 2000-370CA 2000-373CA 2000-379WM 2000-400 2000-410US 2000-412NR 2000-412NR 2000-416DX 2000-417NR 2000-420CA 2000-425NR 2000-427CL 2000-428DX 2000-450CA 2000-453CA 2000-2104TU 2000-2106TU 2000-2110TU 2000-2116TU 2000-2118TU 2000-2120TU 2000-2121TU 2000-2123TU 2000-2124TU 2000-2125TU 2000-2127TU 2000-2128TU 2000-2133TU 2000-2134TU 2000-2201TU 2000-2202TU 2000-2209TU 2000-2311TU 2000-2312TU 2000-2313TU 2000-2314TU 2000-2315TU 2000-2316TU 2000-2317TU 2000-2318TU 2000-2319TU 2000-2321TU 2000-BF69WM 2000T-2A00 2000T-2B00 2000T-2C00 2000T-2D00 2000T-300 2000Z-2A00 2000Z-2B00 2000Z-2C00 2000Z-2D00 2000z-100 2000Z-300 2000Z-400
Genuine OEM Original Power Jack DC IN Cable
 DC Power Jack In Cable
 Overall Length Approx 20cm
 7-Wire, 7-Pin White Connector
 Plug In
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different Power Charging Socket DC IN Cable for Compaq Presario CQ57 HP 2000 Series. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.


  • Model: B058241
  • Shipping Weight: 30g
  • 9998 Units in Stock

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