641394-001 DD0R18AD000 DD0R18AD010 DD0R18AD020 HP G7-1000 Power Jack DC IN Cable

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OEM Wire Harness AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Replacement Assembly Plug-In for HP Pavilion DD0R18AD010DD0R18AD010DD0R18AD010DD0R18AD010 G7-1000 G7-1xxx G7T-1000 Series
SKU: B058121
Alt P/N.: 641394-001 DD0R18AD000 DD0R18AD010 DD0R18AD020
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    HP Pavilion G7-1000 G7-1xxx G7T-1000 Series: G7-1000EM G7-1000ER G7-1000EM G7-1000SM G7-1000SQ G7-1001EG G7-1001ER G7-1001SG G7-1001SM G7-1002EO G7-1002SA G7-1002SG G7-1003EM G7-1004EM G7-1004SA G7-1005ED G7-1005EM G7-1005SM G7-1006EA G7-1006ED G7-1006SG G7-1007EM G7-1007SG G7-1008EA G7-1008EM G7-1008EO G7-1009EO G7-1010EO G7-1010EV G7-1010SD G7-1010SS G7-1010SV G7-1010SW G7-1011EO G7-1012EO G7-1015EG G7-1015EV G7-1017CL G7-1018EZ G7-1019WM G7-1033CL G7-1051xx G7-1070US G7-1073NR G7-1075DX G7-1075NR G7-1076NR G7-1077NR G7-1081NR G7-1083NR G7-1084NR G7-1085NR G7-1086NR G7-1101xx G7-1113CL G7-1117CL G7-1139WM G7-1149WM G7-1150US G7-1153NR G7-1154NR G7-1156NR G7-1158NR G7-1167DX G7-1173CA G7-1173DX G7-1174CA G7-1175CA G7-1178CA G7-1219WM G7-1222NR G7-1227NR G7-1237DX G7-1255DX G7-1257DX G7-1260CA G7-1260US G7-1261NR G7-1263CA G7-1263NR G7-1264NR G7-1265NR G7-1269NR G7-1270CA G7-1272NR G7-1273NR G7-1277DX G7-1279DX G7-1281NR G7-1310US G7-1311NR G7-1312NR G7-1314NR G7-1316DX G7-1317CL G7-1318DX G7-1320CA G7-1320DX G7-1321NR G7-1322NR G7-1323NR G7-1326DX G7-1327DX G7-1328DX G7-1329WM G7-1330CA G7-1330DX G7-1333CA G7-1338DX G7-1340DX G7-1350DX G7-1355DX G7-1358DX G7-1365DX G7-1368DX G7-1374CA G7T-1000 CTO G7T-1100 CTO G7T-1200 CTO G7T-1300 CTO
Genuine OEM Original Power Jack DC IN Cable
 DC Power Jack In Cable
 Overall Length Approx 15cm
 8-Wire, 8-Pin White Connector
 Plug In
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
100% working guarantee.


  • Model: B058121
  • Shipping Weight: 35g
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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).