A018001 for Many Laptop Models DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port

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OEM AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Repair Replacement for Many Laptop Models
SKU: A018001
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Acer TravelMate 430 1500 1510 2200
    Advent 7018 7019 7036 7038 7060 7108 7096 7099 8109
    Alienware Sentia M3450 M3450i
    Alienware Area 51 M9700 M9750
    Benq Joybook A32 A32E
    Clevo D400J D400S D400V D410V D420V D430V D870P M540N M54G M54N M570A M570U M72SR M722SR M760S M76T M765tun W765cu
    Compal DCY30
    ECS Green 733 G733
    Everx StepNote NC1500 VA4100 VA4100M VA4101M VA4103M VA4300 VA4300M LM7WZ
    Gateway M325 4000 Series: M325 4012GZ 4024GZ 4025GZ 4026GZ 4028GZ 4028JP 4030GZ 4520GZ 4525GZ 4530GH 4530GZ 4535GZ 4536GZ 4538GZ 4540GZ 4541BZ 4542GP 4543BZ
    Gateway P-78 P-7800 Series: P-7800 P-78xx P-7801u P-7805u FX P-7807u FX P-7808u P-7811 FX P-7812j FX MS2252
    IBM Thinkpad 570E 600 600A 600D 600E 600X A20 A20M A20P A21 A21E A21M A21P A22 A22E A22M A22P A30 A30P A31 A31P X X20 X21 X22 X23 X24 X30 Series
    Packard Bell Easynote B3 B3225 B3340 B3350 B3510 B3529 B3600 B3605 B3620 B3800 BP-8050 E1245 E2400D E2540 E2560 E5 E6 MV35 MV35-202 MV45-120 MV45 MV46 MV46-004 MV46-008 R0422 R1000 R1004 R1005 R1800 R1910 R1935 R1938 R1984 R2125 R3235W R4650 W3301 R8720 R8740 R8770 iGO 2451
    Packard Bell Versa E400
    Packard Bell MIT-TIT-N
    Toshiba Satellite A70 A75 A79 M30X M35X L15-S104 1800 1900 S1900 S1900-303 S1900-305 1905 1955
    WinBook 700 W100
    HP ZD7000 Series: ZD7000 ZD7001EA ZD7001US ZD7005EA ZD7005QV ZD7005US ZD7009EA ZD7010ca ZD7010EA ZD7010QV ZD7010US ZD7012EA ZD7015EA ZD7015US ZD7020EA ZD7020US ZD7030EA ZD7030US ZD7035EA ZD7038EA ZD7040EA ZD7040US ZD7045EA ZD7048CL ZD7048EA ZD7049EA ZD7050 ZD7050EA ZD7050US ZD7055EA ZD7058CL ZD7060EA ZD7063EA ZD7065EA ZD7066EA ZD7070EA ZD7080EA ZD7101 ZD7101US ZD7102US ZD7112EA ZD7120EA ZD7128EA ZD7129EA ZD7131EA ZD7139EA ZD7140US ZD7141 ZD7141EA ZD7143EA ZD7144EA ZD7145EA ZD7150EA ZD7160ca ZD7160US ZD7167EA ZD7168CL ZD7168EA ZD7169EA ZD7170EA ZD7180US ZD7188CL ZD7198CL ZD7201US ZD7202US ZD7228EA ZD7229EA ZD7230EA ZD7230US ZD7235EA ZD7236EA ZD7245EA ZD7248EA ZD7249CL ZD7250EA ZD7255EA ZD7256EA ZD7257EA ZD7258EA ZD7259EA ZD7260EA ZD7260US ZD7265EA ZD7267EA ZD7269CL ZD7270EA ZD7280US ZD7283EA ZD7300EA ZD7310ca ZD7310US ZD7320EA ZD7340EA ZD7341EA ZD7342EA ZD7348EA ZD7349EA ZD7350EA ZD7360US ZD7373EA ZD7374EA ZD7375EA ZD7376EA ZD7377EA ZD7378EA ZD7379CL ZD7379EA ZD7380EA ZD7380US ZD7381EA ZD7382EA ZD7383EA ZD7385EA ZD7389CL ZD7390EA ZD7392EA ZD7395EA ZD7998US ZD7999US
    HP ZV5000 Series: ZV5000 ZV5000t ZV5000z ZV5001US ZV5002 ZV5002US ZV5003AP ZV5004AP ZV5005AP ZV5010AP ZV5012AP ZV5015AP ZV5021AP ZV5029AP ZV5030US ZV5034US ZV5037WM ZV5045EA ZV5101US ZV5103 ZV5103AP ZV5103US ZV5105US ZV5120 ZV5120CA ZV5120US ZV5160 ZV5160CA ZV5160US ZV5200 ZV5200T ZV5201 ZV5201US ZV5202 ZV5210 ZV5210ca ZV5210US ZV5220 ZV5220US ZV5240US ZV5227 ZV5230 ZV5235 ZV5240 ZV5242QV ZV5247LA ZV5255US ZV5257LA ZV5260US ZV5267LA ZV5270US ZV5277LA ZV5287LA ZV5316US ZV5320 ZV5325 ZV5330 ZV5330 ZV5340 ZV5343 ZV5346 ZV5348 ZV5360 ZV5370 ZV5380 ZV5386 ZV6000
HP ZX5000 Series: ZX5000 ZX5002 ZX5040US ZX5040EA ZX5041 ZX5060US ZX5065US ZX5070US ZX5078 ZX5180US ZX5190US ZX5200 ZX5275US ZX5280US
    HP Business NoteBook NX9100 NX9110
    Compaq Presario R3000 Series: R3000 R3000T R3000Z R3001 R3001US R3002 R3003 R3003US R3004 R3004US R3005 R3005US R3020 R3030 R3030US R3038 R3038CL R3040 R3050 R3050US R3055 R3055CA R3055US R3056RS R3060 R3060CA R3060EA R3060US R3065 R3065US R3070 R3070US R3120CA R3120US R3140 R3140CA R3140US R3150 R3158 R3160 R3160US R3190 R3190EA R3190US R3200 R3210 R3220 R3230 R3240 R3265 R3290 R3550US
    Compaq Presario 3000 Series: 3000 3000US 3005 3005US 3008 3008CL 3015 3015CA 3015US 3016US 3017 3017CL 3017US 3019 3019CL 3020 3020US 3045 3045US 3050 3050US 3070 3070US 3077 3077WM 3080 3080US
    Compaq EVO N1000 Series: N1000c N1000v N1005v N1015v N1020v
    Compaq Presario 900 Series: 900CA 900US 904RSH 905US 906US 910US 912RSH 915CA 915US 916US 918RSH 920CA 920US 922UK
    Compaq Presario 1500 Series: 1500T 1500US 1501CL 1505US 1510CA 1510T 1510US 1516US 1520CA 1520US 1525CA 1525US 1528CL
    eMachines M5105 M5116 M5124 M5305 M5307 M5309 M5310 M5312 M5313 M5405 M5410 M5414 M6410 M6805 M6807 M6809 M6810 M6811
    Gateway 7000 Series: 7110GX 7210GX 7215GX 7305GZ 7320GZ 7322GZ 7324GZ 7325GZ 7326GZ 7330GH 7330GZ 7405GH 7405GX 7410GX 7415GX 7422GX 7426GX 7508GX 7510GX
    Gateway MX7000 Series: MX7118 MX7120 MX7122 MX7515 MX7515h MX7520 MX7520h MX7525 MX7527 MX7533
Genuine OEM Original DC Power Jack
 2.5mm Pin DC Power Jack
 DC Power Jack Only
 Soldering Job is Required
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.


  • Model: A018001
  • Shipping Weight: 20g
  • 10000 Units in Stock

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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).