Asus N550 N550J N550JA N550JV N550LF VX7 VX7SX VX7SX-A1 DC Power Jack Connector

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OEM AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Repair Replacement for Asus N550 N550J N550JA N550JV N550LF VX7 VX7SX VX7SX-A1 Series
SKU: A120002
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Asus N550JA Series: N550JA N550JA-xxxx N550JA-CM012H N550JA-SB71 N550JA-SB71T N550JA-XO011H N550JA-XO023H
    Asus N550JV Series: N550JV N550JV-xxxx N550JV-CK050H N550JV-CK091H N550JV-CK170H N550JV-CK221H N550JV-CM012H N550JV-CM041H N550JV-CM049H N550JV-CM053H N550JV-CM057H N550JV-CM067H N550JV-CM068H N550JV-CM092H N550JV-CM135H N550JV-CM143H N550JV-CM149H N550JV-CM159D N550JV-CM159H N550JV-CM159P N550JV-CM160P N550JV-CM183H N550JV-CM193H N550JV-CM194H N550JV-CM198 N550JV-CM202H N550JV-CM203H N550JV-CM205H N550JV-CM208H N550JV-CM223H N550JV-CM233H N550JV-CM248H N550JV-CM252H N550JV-CM267H N550JV-CM283H N550JV-CM292H N550JV-CM296H N550JV-CN011H N550JV-CN011P N550JV-CN026H N550JV-CN027D N550JV-CN027H N550JV-CN030H N550JV-CN032 N550JV-CN036H N550JV-CN071H N550JV-CN077H N550JV-CN088H N550JV-CN110D N550JV-CN127H N550JV-CN150 N550JV-CN150H N550JV-CN157H N550JV-CN163D N550JV-CN163H N550JV-CN172H N550JV-CN180H N550JV-CN191H N550JV-CN199H N550JV-CN200H N550JV-CN201H N550JV-CN211D N550JV-CN211H N550JV-CN214H N550JV-CN222H N550JV-CN225H N550JV-CN228D N550JV-CN229D N550JV-CN229H N550JV-CN237D N550JV-CN239H N550JV-CN240H N550JV-CN241H N550JV-CN253H N550JV–CN256H N550JV-CN263H N550JV-CN264H N550JV-CN270H N550JV-CN273H N550JV-CN274H N550JV-CN277H N550JV-CN281H N550JV-CN293H N550JV-CN302D N550JV-CN313H N550JV-0041A4700HQ N550JV-DB71 N550JV-DB71T N550JV-DB72 N550JV-DB72T N550JV-XO087H N550JV-XO142H N550JV-XO173H N550JV-XO178H N550JV-XO220H N550JV-XO268H N550JV-XO285H
    Asus N550LF Series: N550LF N550LF-xxxx N550LF-CK026H N550LF-CK064H N550LF-CK095H N550LF-CK108H N550LF-CM025H N550LF-CM038H N550LF-CN010 N550LF-CN037H N550LF-CN061H N550LF-CN065H N550LF-CN077H N550LF-CN087H N550LF-CN100H N550LF-CN101 N550LF-XO036H N550LF-XO066H N550LF-XO068H N550LF-XO069H
Genuine OEM Original DC Power Jack
 2.5mm Central Pin
 DC Power Jack Only
 Soldering Job is Required
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.


  • Model: A120002
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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).