Asus U32 U32JC U32U U32VJ U32VM U36 U36JC U36SD DC Power Jack Socket Port

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OEM AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Repair Replacement for Asus U32 U32JC U32U U32VJ U32VM U36 U36JC U36SD Series
SKU: A120002
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Asus U32JC Series: U32JC U32JC-xxxx
    Asus U32U Series: U32U U32U-xxxx U32U-ES21 U32U-DS31 U32U-ES21 U32U-RXE450 U32U-RX004 U32U-RX004D U32U-RX004V U32U-RX004Y U32U-RX007 U32U-RX007D U32U-RX007R U32U-RX007V U32U-RX008V U32U-RX011 U32U-RX011D U32U-RX011R U32U-RX012D U32U-RX012V U32U-RX014 U32U-RX014V U32U-RX015 U32U-RX15V U32U-RX016V U32U-RX019V U32U-RX020 U32U-RX020D U32U-RX020V U32U-RX020X U32U-RX021D U32U-RX024V U32U-RX025V U32U-RX027R U32U-RX028V U32U-RX029V U32U-RX030V U32U-RX042V 32U-RX050V U32U-RX051 U32U-RX053V U32U-RX054 U32U-RX054V U32U-RX080V U32U-RX081 U32U-RX115V U32U-021AE450 for motherboard 60-N2JMB1000-C06
    Asus U32VJ Series: U32VJ U32VJ-xxxx U32VJ-Ro002P U32VJ-Ro003H U32VJ-Ro004H U32VJ-Ro014H U32VJ-Ro015P U32VJ-Ro016H U32VJ-Ro017H U32VJ-Ro029H U32VJ-0051A3210M
    Asus U32VM Series: U32VM U32VM-xxxx U32VM-Ro003D U32VM-Ro006X U32VM-Ro008V U32VM-Ro013V U32VM-081A3210M
    Asus U36JC Series: U36JC U36JC-xxxx U36JC-A1 U36JC-B1 U36JC-B2B U36JC-CT3V U36JC-CT5V U36JC-C1 U36JC-NYC U36JC-NYC2 U36JC-RX014R U36JC-RX044V U36JC-RX065V U36JC-RX068V U36JC-RX081V U36JC-RX098V U36JC-RX106V U36JC-RX108V U36JC-RX109V U36JC-RX114V U36JC-RX116X U36JC-RX117D U36JC-RX121V U36JC-RX122X U36JC-RX125X U36JC-RX131V U36JC-RX134V U36JC-RX136V U36JC-RX136X U36JC-RX140V U36JC-RX144R U36JC-RX147V U36JC-RX149V U36JC-RX150V U36JC-RX160V U36JC-RX162V U36JC-RX164X U36JC-RX166V U36JC-RX166X U36JC-RX167 U36JC-RX167V U36JC-RX167X U36JC-RX170V U36JC-RX181D U36JC-RX182V U36JC-RX190D U36JC-RX191D U36JC-RX197X U36JC-RX200V U36JC-RX206 U36JC-RX206V U36JC-RX208V U36JC-RX209D U36JC-RX213V u36JC-RX216V u36JC-RX217V U36JC-RX231V U36JC-RX234X U36JC-RX248V U36JC-RX252X U36JC-RX259V U36JC-RX260V U36JC-RX268V U36JC-RX269 U36JC-RX269D U36JC-RX269V U36JC-RX269X U36JC-RX270X U36JC-RX273V U36JC-RX276X U36JC-RX277V U36JC-RX282V U36JC-RX284V U36JC-RX285V U36JC-RX296V U36JC-RX299V U36JC-RX304V U36JC-RX307V U36JC-RX308V U36JC-RX311V 36JC-RX315D U36JC-RX324R U36JC-RX325D U36JC-RX335V U36JC-RX339D U36JC-RX340 U36JC-RX339D U36JC-081V
    Asus U36SD Series: U36SD U36SD-xxxx U36SD-A1 U36SD-CST1 U36SD-DH51 U36SD-RBK5 U36SD-RX002V U36SD-RX002X U36SD-RX004 U36SD-RX004X U36SD-RX010V U36SD-RX011V U36SD-RX013 U36SD-RX013V U36SD-RX013X U36SD-RX014V U36SD-RX018X U36SD-RX024V U36SD-RX027V U36SD-RX027X U36SD-RX028V U36SD-RX030D U36SD-RX036V U36SD-RX042V U36SD-RX043V 36SD-RX048 U36SD-RX048D U36SD-RX049 U36SD-RX049D U36SD-RX050V U36SD-RX053R U36SD-RX054R U36SD-RX054V U36SD-RX055R U36SD-RX057X U36SD-RX060V U36SD-RX063V U36SD-RX067V U36SD-RX072V U36SD-RX073V U36SD-RX073X U36SD-RX077V U36SD-RX079V U36SD-RX081D U36SD-RX083X U36SD-RX084V U36SD-RX096D U36SD-RX100V U36SD-RX101V U36SD-RX102V U36SD-RX113V U36SD-RX114V U36SD-RX117X U36SD-RX123D U36SD-RX123X U36SD-RX125D U36SD-RX134V U36SD-RX135V U36SD-RX138V U36SD-RX145V U36SD-RX146 U36SD-RX146V U36SD-RX146X U36SD-RX149V U36SD-RX152V U36SD-RX153V U36SD-RX157D U36SD-RX158V U36SD-RX162V U36SD-RX163V U36SD-RX167V U36SD-RX168V U36SD-RX169V U36SD-RX175V U36SD-RX177X U36SD-RX179V U36SD-RX180V U36SD-RX189V U36SD-RX196X U36SD-RX197V U36SD-RX198V U36SD-RX205V U36SD-RX206V U36SD-RX207V U36SD-RX213 U36SD-RX218 U36SD-RX219 U36SD-RX221 U36SD-RX221D U36SD-RX223 U36SD-RX223D U36SD-RX224D U36SD-RX225V U36SD-RX227X U36SD-RX229V U36SD-RX229X U36SD-RX230V U36SD-RX231X U36SD-RX232D U36SD-RX234V U36SD-RX235X U36SD-RX236V U36SD-RX237V U36SD-RX237X U36SD-RX238D U36SD-RX238 U36SD-RX238V U36SD-RX238V U36SD-RX239V U36SD-RX243 U36SD-RX243V U36SD-RX243X U36SD-RX251V U36SD-RX253V U36SD-RX254V U36SD-RX255V U36SD-RX258 U36SD-RX259 U36SD-RX260 U36SD-RX261D U36SD-RX262V U36SD-RX2620 U36SD-RX263V U36SD-RX275V U36SD-RX277X U36SD-RX278X U36SD-RX282V U36SD-RX283V U36SD-RX284V U36SD-RX285V U36SD-RX286V U36SD-RX286X U36SD-RX287 U36SD-RX287V U36SD-RX290V U36SD-RX292X U36SD-RX293V U36SD-RX299V U36SD-RX300 U36SD-RX300V U36SD-RX302V U36SD-RX305V U36SD-RX308 U36SD-RX309V U36SD-RX310V U36SD-RX313V U36SD-RX314V U36SD-RX316V U36SD-RX317V U36SD-RX319 U36SD-RX319X U36SD-RX321 U36SD-RX322V U36SD-RX324X U36SD-RX327V U36SD-RX331V U36SD-RX330X U36SD-RX331X U36SD-RX332V U36SD-RX334V U36SD-RX340V U36SD-RX341V U36SD-RX346V U36SD-RX354V U36SD-RX359 U36SD-RX359V U36SD-RX360V U36SD-RX361V U36SD-RX366 U36SD-RX366V U36SD-RX367D U36SD-RX368D U36SD-RX370D U36SD-RX371V U36SD-RX375V U36SD-RX376V U36SD-RX377 U36SD-RX379D U36SD-RX380V U36SD-RX384V U36SD-RX387V U36SD-RX388D U36SD-RX389X U36SD-RX389Z U36SD-RX395V U36SD-RX396V U36SD-RX401V U36SD-XA1 U36SD-XH71 U36SD-051A2410M 36SD-091C2410M U36SD-1ARX
    Asus U36SG Series: U36SG U36SG-xxxx U36SG-AS51 U36SG-AS71 U36SG-AS72 U36SG-DS51 U36SG-QS52 U36SG-RX007D U36SG-RX008 U36SG-RX008D U36SG-RX008H U36SG-RX008V U36SG-RX009V U36SG-RX027V U36SG-RX029V U36SG-RX033V U36SG-RX036 U36SG-RX036V U36SG-RX037X U36SG-RX038X U36SG-RX039V U36SG-RX039X U36SG-RX042X U36SG-RX046X U36SG-RX049V U36SG-RX051V U36SG-RX062V U36SG-RX067V U36SG-RX068X U36SG-RX071V U36SG-RX072V U36SG-RX074V U36SG-RX075R U36SG-RX076X U36SG-RX077V U36SG-RX080D U36SG-RX080V U36SG-RX080X U36SG-RX085V U36SG-RX086X U36SG-RX107X U36SG-RX114V U36SG-RX117V U36SG-RX118V U36SG-RX119V U36SG-RX121V U36SG-RX122 U36SG-RX122V U36SG-RX124V U36SG-RX126V U36SG-RX127V U36SG-RX138SS U36SG-RX139V U36SG-RX140V U36SG-RX145VM U36SG-RX146V U36SG-RX159X U36SG-RX160X U36SG-RX162V U36SG-RX169V U36SG-RX170V U36SG-RX172V U36SG-RX173 U36SG-RX174 U36SG-RX175X U36SG-RX176 U36SG-RX179V U36SG-RX195X U36SG-RX199V U36SG-RX200V U36SG-RX200VF U36SG-RX202X U36SG-RX203X U36SG-RX204V U36SG-RX208X U36SG-RX230R U36SG-RX231V U36SG-RX236 U36SG-RX236V U36SG-RX237V U36SG-RX241V U36SG-RX268X U36SG-RX281X U36SG-XS71 U36SG-051A2430M U36SG-061A2410M U36SG-1ARX U36SG-161C2450M
Genuine OEM Original DC Power Jack
 2.5mm Central Pin
 DC Power Jack Only
 Soldering Job is Required
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.


  • Model: A120002
  • Shipping Weight: 15g
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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).