Gateway C E M P T All Series DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port

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OEM AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port Repair Replacement for Many Gateway Laptop Models
SKU: A018001
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Gateway Convertible C-140 Series: C-140S C-140X C-140X C-140XL C-141X C-141XL C-142XL C-143X C-143XL
    Gateway Convertible C-5800 Series: C-5815 C-5817c
    Gateway CX200 Series: CX200S CX200X CX210S CX210X
    Gateway CX2000 Series: CX2608 CX2610 CX2615 CX2618 CX2619 CX2620 CX2620h CX2720 CX2724 CX2724h CX2726 CX2728 CX2735m CX2750 CX2755 CX2756
    Gateway E-100 Series: E-100M E-100M G E-100M SB
    Gateway E-155 Series: E-155C E-155C G
    Gateway E-265 Series: E-265M E-265M G
    Gateway E-295 Series: E-295C E-295C G
    Gateway E-475 Series: E-475M E-475M G
    Gateway M-14 M-1400 Series: M-1410j M-1411j M-1412
    Gateway M-150 Series: M-150S M-150X M-150XL
    Gateway M-151 Series: M-151S M-151X M-151XL
    Gateway M-152 Series: M-152S M-152XL
    Gateway M-153 Series: M-153S M-153X M-153XL
    Gateway M-16 M-1600 Series: M-1615 M-1617 M-1618 M-1618N M-1618R M-1619j M-1622 M-1622h M-1624 M-1625 M-1626 M-1628 M-1629 M-1630j M-1631j M-1631u M-1632j M-1634u
    Gateway M-24 M-2400 Series: M-2404u M-2408j M-2409j M-2410j M-2410u M-2414u M-2421u
    Gateway M-26 M-2600 Series: M-2623u M-2624u M-2625u M-2626u
    Gateway M-62 M-6200 Series: M-6205m M-6206m M-6207m
    Gateway M-63 M-6300 Series: M-6305 M-6307 M-6308 M-6309 M-6312 M-6315 M-6316 M-6317 M-6318 M-6319 M-6320 M-6322 M-6323 M-6324 M-6325 M-6332 M-6333 M-6334 M-6335 M-6337 M-6339u M-6340u
    Gateway M-67 M-6700 Series: M-6750 M-6750h M-6752 M-6755
    Gateway M-68 M-6800 Series: M-6801m M-6801mT M-6802m M-6803m M-6804m M-6805m M-6806m M-6807m M-6808m M-6809m M-6810m M-6811m M-6812m M-6813m M-6814m M-6815 M-6816 M-6817 M-6821b M-6822 M-6823 M-6823a M-6824 M-6825j M-6826j M-6827 M-6827j M-6828b M-6829b M-6834 M-6839j M-6840j M-6841 M-6842j M-6843 M-6844 M-6846 M-6847 M-6848 M-6849 M-6850FX M-6851 M-6854m M-6862 M-6864FX M-6866 M-6867 M-6873b M-6873h M-6874h M-6875b M-6876b M-6877b M-6878 M-6878h M-6879j M-6880 M-6881 M-6882h M-6883u M-6884h M-6885u M-6887u M-6888h M-6888u M-6889u
    Gateway M-73 M-7300 Series: M-7301h M-7301u M-7305u M-7309h M-7315u M-7317u M-7325u M-7328u M-7333u M-7334u
    Gateway M-78 M-7800 Series: M-7810j M-7818u
    Gateway M210 M250GS M250G M250ES M250E M250A M250B M360 M360A M360B M360C M460 M460A M460B M465QS M465G M465E M520 Series
    Gateway MX1000 Series:  MX1020j MX1023 MX1023h MX1025 MX1027 MX1049c MX1050c
    Gateway 3000 ML3000 MX3000 Series: 3018GZ 3040GZ 3520GZ 3522GZ 3525GB 3545GZ 3550GH 3550GZ 3610GZ MX3042 MX3044 MX3044h MX3050b MX3101b MX3102j MX3103b MX3138m MX3139m MX3140m MX3141m MX3142m MX3143m MX3210 MX3212 MX3215 MX3220b MX3222b MX3225 MX3228 MX3228h MX3230 MX3230h MX3231 MX3235m MX3311b MX3410 MX3410h MX3412 MX3412h MX3414 MX3416 MX3417 MX3422 MX3558 MX3558h MX3560 MX3560h MX3562 MX3563 MX3563h MX3610 MX3631m MX3701 MX3702 ML3108b ML3108q ML3108v ML3108z ML3109 ML3706
    Gateway MX4000 Series: MX4610m MX4624 MX4625 MX4627
    Gateway 6000 ML6000 MT6000 MP6000 MX6000 Series: 6010GZ 6018GH 6018GZ 6020GZ 6021GH 6021GZ 6022GZ 6023GP 6510GZ 6518GZ 6520GZ 6525GP 6531GZ 6832JP 6834MX ML6018j ML6020j ML6226b ML6227b ML6227q ML6227v ML6227z ML6228 ML6230 ML6231 ML6232 ML6703 ML6714 ML6720 ML6721 ML6725 ML6731 ML6732 MP6925j MP6954 MP6954h MT6015j MT6016j MT6017 MT6019c MT6021c MT6220b MT6221jb MT6223b MT6224j MT6225j MT6228j MT6229j MT6451 MT6452 MT6456 MT6457 MT6458 MT6459 MT6460 MT6704 MT6704h MT6705 MT6706 MT6707 MT6708 MT6709 MT6709h MT6711 MT6722b MT6723 MT6724b MT6728 MT6729 MT6730 MT6733 MT6735b MT6821 MT6823b MT6824b MT6825b MT6826j MT6827j MT6828 MT6828h MT6830 MT6831 MT6832b MT6833b MT6834b MT6835j MT6836j MT6838j MT6839b MT6840 MT6840h MT6841 MT6842b MT6915b MT6916 MT6917b MT6919 MT6920 MX6002m MX6003m MX6004m MX6005m MX6006m MX6008m MX6025 MX6025h MX6027 MX6027h MX6028 MX6030 MX6110m MX6111m MX6112m MX6113m MX6121 MX6123 MX6124 MX6124h MX6128 MX6130j MX6131 MX6132j MX6134j MX6135 MX6136j MX6211b MX6212j MX6213j MX6214 MX6215b MX6216 MX6217j MX6243m MX6410m MX6420 MX6421 MX6422 MX6423 MX6424 MX6424h MX6425 MX6426 MX6427 MX6428 MX6429 MX6430 MX6431 MX6433 MX6436 MX6437 MX6438 MX6439 MX6440 MX6440h MX6441 MX6442 MX6444 MX6444h MX6445 MX6446 MX6447 MX6448 MX6450 MX6452 MX6453 MX6454 MX6455 MX6618m MX6619m MX6620m MX6625 MX6627 MX6627h MX6628j MX6629 MX6629h MX6630j MX6631 MX6632j MX6633 MX6633h MX6635b MX6637f MX6638b MX6639b MX6639j MX6640b MX6641 MX6641h MX6650 MX6650h MX6708 MX6708h MX6710 MX6750 MX6750h MX6901m MX6912 MX6915j MX6917j MX6918b MX6919 MX6920 MX6920h MX6921b MX6922b MX6923b MX6924j MX6926b MX6927 MX6930 MX6930h MX6931 MX6932b MX6933b MX6934m MX6935m MX6936m MX6937m MX6938m MX6939m MX6940m MX6941m MX6942m MX6943m MX6944m MX6945m MX6946m MX6947m MX6951 MX6951h MX6952j MX6953j MX6955 MX6956 MX6957 MX6958 MX6959 MX6960 MX6961 MX6961h
    Gateway 8000 MP8000 MX8000 Series: 8510GH 8510GZ 8515GZ 8550GB MP8701j MP8708 MP8709 MX8520 MX8523 MX8525 MX8528 MX8530 MX8554b MX8556f MX8703j MX8707j MX8710 MX8711 MX8715 MX8716b MX8720m MX8721m MX8734 MX8736j MX8738 MX8739 MX8741
    Gateway NX100X NX200S NX200X NX250X NX260X NX270S NX500S NX500S w/S-Video NX500X NX500X w/S-Video NX510S NX510X NX550X NX550XL NX560X NX560XL NX570QS NX570S NX570X NX570XL NX850X NX850XL NX860S NX860X NX860XL NX860XL Series
    Gateway P-17 Series:  P-170L P-170X P-171S P-171X P-171S FX P-171X FX P-171XL FX P-172X P-172S FX P-172XL FX P-173X FX P-173XL FX
    Gateway P-63 P-6300 Series:  P-6301 P-6302 P-6311 P-6312 P-6313 P-6313h P-6317 P-6318u
    Gateway P-68 P-6800 Series:  P-6801m FX P-6822 P-6825 P-6828h P-6829h P-6831 FX P-6832 P-6836 P-6860 FX P-6861j FX P-6872h
    Gateway P-73 P-7300 Series:  P-7300 P-73xx
    Gateway P-78 P-7800 Series:  P-7800 P-78xx P-7801u P-7805u FX P-7807u FX P-7808u P-7811 FX P-7812j FX MS2252
    Gateway S-7200N S-7210M S-7220M S-7225C S-7310M S-7320M S-7410M S-7500N S-7510N S-7700N S-7710N Series
    Gateway T-14 T-1400 Series:  T-14xx T-1409j T-1412 T-1413h T-1424u
    Gateway T-16 T-1600 Series:  T-16xx T-1602m T-1603m T-1604m T-1605m T-1616 T-1620 T-1621 T-1622 T-1623 T-1625 T-1628 T-1628h T-1629 T-1630 T-1631
    Gateway T-62 T-6200 Series:  T-62xx T-6208c
    Gateway T-63 T-6300 Series:  T-63xx T-6303c T-6304c T-6305c T-6307c T-6308c T-6311 T-6313 T-6313h T-6315c T-6316c T-6317c T-6318c T-6319c T-6320c T-6321 T-6322c T-6323c T-6324c T-6325c T-6326c T-6327c T-6330u T-6339u T-6340u T-6341u T-6345u T-6346c
    Gateway T-68 T-6800 Series:  T-68xx T-6801m T-6802m T-6815 T-6815h T-6816 T-6816h T-6817c T-6818c T-6819c T-6820c T-6821c T-6822c T-6823c T-6824c T-6825c T-6826c T-6827c T-6828 T-6829 T-6829h T-6830c T-6831c T-6832c T-6834c T-6836 T-6840c T-6841h T-6842 T-6842h T-6859u
Genuine OEM Original DC Power Jack
 2.5mm Pin DC Power Jack
 DC Power Jack Only
 Soldering Job is Required
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.

  • Model: A018001
  • Shipping Weight: 20g
  • 9996 Units in Stock

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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).