HP Pavilion DV5000 DV8000 Power Jack Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable

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OEM Wire Harness AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Replacement Assembly Plug-In for HP Pavilion DV5000 DV8000 Series
SKU: B027011
Alt P/N.: 415495-001 DC020006P00 DC020006N00
Reference Compatible Laptop Models: 
    HP Pavilion DV5000 DV5xxx Series:  DV5000 CTO DV5000EA DV5000T CTO DV5001XX DV5002EA DV5003CL DV5003EA DV5005EA DV5006EA DV5007EA DV5008EA DV5009EA DV5010EA DV5011EA DV5012EA DV5016EA DV5017CL DV5017EA DV5018EA DV5020CA DV5020US DV5021EA DV5022EA DV5023EA DV5024EA DV5026EA DV5027EA DV5029US DV5030US DV5031EA DV5033EA DV5034EA DV5035EA DV5035NR DV5036EA DV5037EA DV5040US DV5041EA DV5046EA DV5047EA DV5050EA DV5051EA DV5052EA DV5053EA DV5054EA DV5055EA DV5056EA DV5057EA DV5058EA DV5059EA DV5061EA DV5062EA DV5063EA DV5074EA DV5075EA DV5077EA DV5078EA DV5084EA DV5088XX DV5091EA DV5092EA DV5093EA DV5094EA DV5095EA DV5096EA DV5097EA DV5098EA DV5099EA DV5099XX DV5100 CTO DV5101TX DV5102EU DV5102TX DV5103EU DV5103TX DV5104EU DV5104TX DV5105EU DV5105TX DV5106EU DV5106TX DV5107EU DV5107TX DV5108EU DV5108TX DV5109EU DV5109TX DV5110CA DV5110EU DV5110TX DV5110US DV5111EU DV5111TU DV5111TX DV5112EU DV5112TX DV5113EU DV5113TX DV5114EU DV5114TX DV5115EU DV5115NR DV5115TX DV5116EU DV5116NR DV5116TX DV5117CA DV5117CL DV5117EU DV5117TX DV5118EU DV5118TX DV5119EU DV5119TX DV5120EA DV5120EU DV5120LA DV5120TX DV5120US DV5121EA DV5121EU DV5121TX DV5122EA DV5122TX DV5123CL DV5123EA DV5123TX DV5124EU DV5124TX DV5125EU DV5125TX DV5126EA DV5126TX DV5127EA DV5127EU DV5127TX DV5128EA DV5128EU DV5128TX DV5129EU DV5129TX DV5129US DV5130CA DV5130EA DV5130EU DV5130TX DV5130US DV5131EU DV5131TX DV5132EU DV5132TX DV5133EA DV5133EU DV5134EA DV5134EU DV5135EU DV5135NR DV5136EU DV5137EA DV5137EU DV5138EU DV5139US DV5140CA DV5140EA DV5140EU DV5140US DV5142EA DV5142EU DV5143EA DV5144EA DV5145EA DV5147EA DV5148EA DV5149EA DV5149EU DV5150EA DV5150US DV5151EU DV5152EU DV5153EU DV5154EU DV5155EU DV5156EA DV5156EU DV5157EA DV5157EU DV5158EA DV5158EU DV5159EA DV5159EU DV5160EA DV5160EU DV5161EA DV5161EU DV5162EA DV5162EU DV5163CL DV5164EA DV5165EA DV5166EA DV5167CL DV5170US DV5171EU DV5173EA DV5173EU DV5174EU DV5175EA DV5176EA DV5176EU DV5177EA DV5178EA DV5178US DV5179EA DV5180EA DV5184EA DV5186EU DV5187EU DV5188EA DV5189EU DV5189XX DV5190EA DV5190US DV5191EA DV5192EA DV5193EA DV5194EA DV5195EA DV5196EA DV5196XX DV5197EA DV5197XX DV5198EA DV5198XX DV5199XX DV5200 CTO DV5200TU DV5200TX DV5201EU DV5201TU DV5201TX DV5202EU DV5202TU DV5202TX DV5203EA DV5203TU DV5203TX DV5204EA DV5204TU DV5204TX DV5205EA DV5205TU DV5205TX DV5206EA DV5206TU DV5206TX DV5207TU DV5207TX DV5208EA DV5208TU DV5208TX DV5209EA DV5209EU DV5209TX DV5210CA DV5210EA DV5210TX DV5210US DV5211EA DV5211EU DV5211TX DV5212EA DV5212TX DV5213EU DV5213TX DV5214TX DV5215CA DV5215TX DV5215US DV5216CA DV5216CL DV5216TX DV5217CL DV5217TX DV5218EA DV5218NR DV5218TX DV5219TX DV5220CA DV5220EU DV5220LA DV5220TX DV5220US DV5221TX DV5222EU DV5222NR DV5222TX DV5223EA DV5223OM DV5223TX DV5224EA DV5224EU DV5224NR DV5224TX DV5225CA DV5225EA DV5225TX DV5226CA DV5226EA DV5226EU DV5226TX DV5227TX DV5228TX DV5229OM DV5229TX DV5230CA DV5230TX DV5230US DV5231EU DV5231TX DV5232EU DV5232TX DV5233EA DV5233EU DV5233TX DV5234EA DV5234TX DV5234US DV5235CA DV5235EA DV5235TX DV5236EA DV5236EU DV5236OM DV5236TX DV5237CA DV5237CL DV5237EA DV5237TX DV5238EA DV5239EA DV5239TX DV5240CA DV5240EA DV5240TX DV5240US DV5241EA DV5241TX DV5242EA DV5243EA DV5243EU DV5244EA DV5244EU DV5245EA DV5245EU DV5246EU DV5247EA DV5247EU DV5248EA DV5248EU DV5249EA DV5250CA DV5250EA DV5250US DV5251EA DV5252EA DV5255EA DV5261EA DV5264EA DV5266EA DV5267EA DV5269EA DV5270EA DV5271EA DV5272EA DV5273EA DV5274EA DV5275EA DV5276EA DV5276EU DV5277EA DV5277EU DV5278EA DV5278EU DV5279EA DV5279EU DV5280EA DV5281EA DV5282EA DV5283EA DV5284EA DV5285EA DV5286EA DV5287EA DV5288EA DV5289EA DV5292EA DV5293EA DV5294EA DV5295EA DV5296EA DV5298EA DV5298XX DV5299XX DV5300 CTO
    HP Pavilion DV8000 DV8xxx Series: DV8000 CTO DV8000T CTO DV8002EA DV8005EA DV8010EA DV8013CL DV8013xx DV8025EA DV8026EA DV8027EA DV8028EA DV8029EA DV8030EA DV8035EA DV8040CA DV8040US DV8040XX DV8045EA DV8050EA DV8051EA DV8075EA DV8088US DV8099xx DV8100 CTO DV8100Z CTO DV8110US DV8113CL DV8120CA DV8125NR DV8130US DV8135NR DV8140US DV8200 CTO DV8210CA DV8210US DV8213CL DV8220CA DV8220US DV8225CA DV8225NR DV8230CA DV8230US DV8233CL DV8235NR DV8240US DV8275LA DV8280US DV8289XX DV8298XX DV8299XX DV8300 CTO DV8301NR DV8305CA DV8305US DV8309US DV8310CA DV8310US DV8315CA DV8315NR DV8320CA DV8320US DV8327CA DV8327CL DV8327US DV8328CA DV8330US DV8333CL DV8339US DV8370LA DV8375LA DV8380US DV8399XX DV8400 CTO DV8408US
Genuine OEM Original Power Jack DC IN Cable
 1.65mm Pin DC Power Jack
 DC Power Jack In Cable
 Overall Length Approx 37cm
 4-Wire, 4-Pin White Connector
 Plug In
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
100% working guarantee.


  • Model: B027011
  • Shipping Weight: 25g
  • 9999 Units in Stock

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We only Supply OEM Laptop Parts (Original and Genuine), fast shipping worldwide, one year warranty: Laptop DC Power Jack(Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector, Laptop Charging Port, it is a small connector on a laptop, a power adapter supply power through a dc power jack. Usually it requires soldering job to a system board/motherboard or a cable when you are replacing a dc power jack), Laptop DC IN Cable (Laptop Power Jack Connector DC IN Cable, Laptop DC Power Jack with/attach Cable, most are plugin versions, sometimes it also requires soldering job to motherboard), Laptop Power Board (Laptop Power Jack DC IN Board, sometimes the system PCB Board include RJ45 LAN Port, USB Ports, Mini Card Port, etc.), Laptop CPU Cooling Fan (CPU Fan Assembly Inside a laptop, you might need to reuse the original heatsink).