HP Pavilion DV9700 DC Jack Port Socket Connector Power Charging Board IN Cable

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OEM Power Charging Board IN Cable DC Power Jack Socket Connector Replacement Assembly for HP Pavilion DV9700 Series
SKU: C048011
Alt P/N.: DC-DV9000-65CBL, DC-DV9000-90CBL
Compatible Laptop Models:
HP Pavilion DV9700 Series: DV9xxx, DV9700 CTO, DV9700t CTO, DV9700z CTO, DV9701AU, DV9701AX, DV9701TX, DV9701XX, DV9702AU, DV9702AX, DV9702EA, DV9702TX, DV9702XX, DV9703AX, DV9703TX, DV9703XX, DV9704AX, DV9704TX, DV9705AX, DV9705EA, DV9705EF, DV9705TX, DV9706AX, DV9706TX, DV9707TX, DV9708TX, DV9709EF, DV9709TX, DV9710EA, DV9710EF, DV9710EI, DV9710EL, DV9710ES, DV9710EV, DV9710TX, DV9711TX, DV9712TX, DV9713TX, DV9714TX, DV9715EF, DV9715EL, DV9715NR, DV9715TX, DV9716TX, DV9717TX, DV9718CA, DV9718TX, DV9719TX, DV9720CA, DV9720EA, DV9720EG, DV9720ES, DV9720TX, DV9720US, DV9721TX, DV9722EG, DV9722TX, DV9723CA, DV9723CL, DV9723TX, DV9724CA, DV9724TX, DV9725EF, DV9725TX, DV9726TX, DV9727CL, DV9727EF, DV9727TX, DV9727US, DV9728CA, DV9728CL, DV9728TX, DV9729TX, DV9730CA, DV9730EB, DV9730EF, DV9730EI, DV9730EP, DV9730ET, DV9730EV, DV9730NR, DV9730TX, DV9730US, DV9731CA, DV9731TX, DV9732TX, DV9733TX, DV9734NR, DV9734TX, DV9735EL, DV9735ES, DV9735TX, DV9736CA, DV9736TX, DV9737EF, DV9737TX, DV9738ES, DV9738TX, DV9739EF, DV9739TX, DV9740CA, DV9740EA, DV9740EL, DV9740EO, DV9740ES, DV9740TX, DV9740US, DV9741EO, DV9741TX, DV9742TX, DV9743CL, DV9743TX, DV9744CA, DV9744EO, DV9744TX, DV9745EF, DV9745EL, DV9745ES, DV9745TX, DV9746TX, DV9747CL, DV9747EF, DV9747TX, DV9748CA, DV9748TX, DV9749EF, DV9750ED, DV9750EF, DV9750EG, DV9750EJ, DV9750EL, DV9750EO, DV9750EP, DV9750ER, DV9750EV, DV9750US, DV9751EF, DV9751EO, DV9751XX, DV9752EO, DV9753EO, DV9755ED, DV9757EO, DV9757EZ, DV9758CA, DV9760ED, DV9760EF, DV9760EI, DV9760EL, DV9760EO, DV9760EZ, DV9762EO, DV9762EZ, DV9764EG, DV9765EG, DV9766EZ, DV9767EG, DV9767EO, DV9769EG, DV9770EA, DV9770ED, DV9770EF, DV9770EG, DV9770EL, DV9770EO, DV9770ES, DV9770EV, DV9770EW, DV9770LA, DV9772EG, DV9773EG, DV9774CA, DV9775EE, DV9775EG, DV9775LA, DV9778EG, DV9778EO, DV9779EO, DV9780EA, DV9780EB, DV9780ED, DV9780EG, DV9780EO, DV9780EP, DV9780ES, DV9780ET, DV9780EW, DV9780EZ, DV9780LA, DV9784EG, DV9785EG, DV9785LA, DV9787EG, DV9788EG, DV9790EA, DV9790EB, DV9790ED, DV9790EF, DV9790EG, DV9790EL, DV9790EO, DV9790EP, DV9790ER, DV9790ES, DV9790ET, DV9790EW, DV9791EO, etc.
Genuine OEM Original Power Board
 1.65mm Pin DC Power Jack
 65W or 90W DC Power Jack
 DC Power Jack In Board
 Power Board IN Cable
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Safe Packing by Box
Note: 100% working guarantee. We ship the 65W version power charging board as it is compatible with both 65W and 90W ac power adapters. If customer asks for a 90W version power charging board, please double check and make sure the original ac power adapter is 90W (19V-4.74A).


  • Model: C048011
  • Shipping Weight: 40g
  • 9999 Units in Stock

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