Toshiba Satellite A300 A300D A305 A305D Power Jack Charging Port DC IN Cable OEM

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OEM Wire Harness AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Replacement Plug In Assembly for Toshiba Satellite A300 A300D A305 A305D Series
SKU: B082001
Alt P/N.: V000932670 6017B0149801
Reference Compatible Laptop Models:
    Toshiba Satellite A300 Series: A300-ST3511 A300-ST3512 A300-ST4004 A300-ST4505 A300-ST6511
    Toshiba Satellite A305 Series: A305-S6825 A305-S6829 A305-S6833 A305-S6834 A305-S6835 A305-S6837 A305-S6839 A305-S6841 A305-S6843 A305-S6844 A305-S6845 A305-S6852 A305-S6853 A305-S68531 A305-S6854 A305-S6855 A305-S6857 A305-S6858 A305-S6859 A305-S6860 A305-S6861 A305-S6862 A305-S6863 A305-S6864 A305-S68641  A305-S6872 A305-S6873 A305-S6883 A305-S6893 A305-S6894 A305-S6898 A305-S6902 A305-S6903 A305-S6905 A305-S6908 A305-S6909 A305-S6916 A305-S6992E A305-S6994E A305-S6996E A305-S6997E A305-SP6801 A305-SP6802 A305-SP6803 A305-SP6804A A305-SP6804C A305-SP6804R A305-SP6806C A305-SP6906A A305-SP6906C A305-SP6906R A305-SP6923A A305-SP6923C A305-SP6923R A305-SP6926A A305-SP6926C A305-SP6926R A305-SP6931A A305-SP6931C A305-SP6931R A305-SP6941 A305-ST4004 A305-ST551E
    Toshiba Satellite A305d Series: A350D-S6831 A305D-S6835 A305D-S6847 A305D-S6848 A305D-S6849 A305D-S68491 A305D-S6851 A305D-S6856 A305D-S6865 A305D-S68651 A305D-S6867 A305D-S6875 A305D-S68751 A305D-S6878 A305D-S6880 A305D-S6886 A305D-S68861 A305D-S6914 A305D-S6991E A305D-SP6801 A305D-SP6802 A305D-SP6803A A305D-SP6803C A305D-SP6803R A305D-SP6905A A305D-SP6905C A305D-SP6905R A305D-SP6925A A305D-SP6925C A305D-SP6925R
Genuine OEM Original Power Jack DC IN Cable
 2.5mm Pin DC Power Jack
 DC Power Jack In Cable
 Overall Length Approx 17.5cm
 4-Wire 4-Pin
 Plug In
Item Status: NEW, Genuine OEM, Original, TOP Quality
Note: Laptop manufacturers may use a different Power Charging Socket DC IN Cable for Toshiba Satellite A300 A300D A305 A305D Series. Please enlarge the picture in this page and compare with the original item in your laptop. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct laptop parts.

  • Model: B082001
  • Shipping Weight: 30g
  • 9999 Units in Stock

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